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September 24-27, 2018
Carlsbad, CA
Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

SIBEC North America Testimonials

What Suppliers are saying about SIBEC...

This conference was the single most impactful event for our business this year. 20 uninterrupted minutes in meetings with decision makers who have a genuine interest leaving the event with some new, innovative ways to be better health club owners and managers— What more could you ask for?
Carolyn Erickson, Director of Sales and Bus Development, Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED        

We felt this event was excellent, very well attended AND all of the buyers showed up for the scheduled meetings ready to talk business.  The scheduled meetings were 20 minutes long which we felt was plenty of time to get to know the buyer and talk about our products and make future appointments. Two weeks out from the event we had our first order!  Overall an excellent, well-planned event!
Mark Laing, National Account Manager, Elkay    

After 10 consecutive years of attending SIBEC, it’s still worth it!
Jesse Campanaro, President, Total Gym

SIBEC is ten times more effective than any trade show you could attend.  The quality of meetings is second to none.
Dan Toigo, VP of Sales, Fluidity Studio, LLC

Attending SIBEC was one of the best decisions I made this year.  It was everything I expected it to be.  I met face-to-face with "real" decision makers who were actively looking to buy.  I got just enough quality time with each buyer to determine if they had problems our products could solve.  I left with orders 10x the cost of the trip, and endless opportunities for future business.  I will be back!
Michael Wood, Big Ass Fans

SIBEC is THE event that all vendors and club owners should be sure to attend every year.  It's a home-run for everyone and well worth the time and money invested to be there.
Jarrod Saracco, Exergame Fitness

I have always heard SIBEC was the premier event in the fitness industry, and after going for the first time, I completely agree.
Marty Regan, Perkville

The show was amazing, the experience was one of a kind and the knowledge learned is invaluable. I believe that SIBEC is an event you just can't pass up and was essential for us as a small company to get our product in front of that many key players in the fitness industry.
Jen-Kei Pong, Nexersys Corporation

The SIBEC Event has been the best "bang for the buck" in our marketing budget since we began attending the event.  If we only were able to do one "tradeshow" type event, this would be it!
James Oonk, Ojmar US

As I have said in the past... I LOVE what you guys do and I feel this is the best bang for our buck.
Dan Kennedy, Octane Fitness

Attending SIBEC is extremely valuable for our business. It is an opportunity to connect with our current customers and potential future business partners. Everyone knows why they are there so productive business conversations are the expectation for everyone. Time well spent!
Erin Kelly, Les Mills

Great event.  Buyers were engaged and respectful.  I made lots of contacts and inroads into organizations that I never expected.
Blair McHaney, Club Works

SIBEC showed our industry how to really understand the term relationship building. I'll never forget the feeling after my first SIBEC experience. You showed us how to properly engage clients and create the perfect environment to drive commerce and make new friends. SIBEC is a unique fraternity, one that I value greatly!
Sal Pellegrino, Star Trac


What Buyers are saying about SIBEC...

After attending SIBEC 2014 in Key Largo, I came back to the club with several new ideas as well as, products and services to improve our business.  The environment was perfect to learn enough about a vendor to determine if next steps were warranted.  Informal dinners and receptions were inviting and provided an opportunity to meet with other club operators to compare notes.
Julianne Dods, Tilton Fitness and Wellness

As a first time attendee, I was completely blown away by the format of the event.  I was able to network, obtain incredibly valuable contacts on both the Buyer and Supplier side of the business and it was great fun in an incredible location. See you in 2015!
Marc Kolp, Columbia Association     

It was a great honor to be invited to SIBEC and the connections that were made were invaluable.  What a great event, both socially and business-wise.  An event not to be missed.  Thank you.
Jeremy Lowell, Lowell Management Company, LLC

Having attended dozens of national and international industry events over the past decade, I have to admit that the hype surrounding SIBEC events is all it is made out to be.  The event I attended was outstanding, surpassed my expectations in every possible area and my business is better for it.  In less than 24 hours I made enough personal connections to equip, support and manage my business at a higher level for years to come.  SIBEC fosters vendor and buyer relationships and for me, it accomplished that goal.
Jared Meacham, Sky Fitness & Wellbeing

Best way to find suppliers in the industry.
Ric Zimmerman, US Fitness Group

SIBEC was one of the most worthwhile industry events that I have attended in over 20 years in the business.  The fact that it's intimate, laid back and fun allows for a great use of everyone's time in a relaxed environment.  In business, networking and relationships are key and this event is specifically tailored to both.  I would highly recommend this event to serious fitness professionals and plan to return each year.
Bill Windscheif, World Gym International

SIBEC is an incredibly useful forum to learn about industry providers.  Quality time spent with vendors allows for more meaningful connections and future business relationships to form.  SIBEC is a tremendous event- professionally organized from start to finish and effective down to every well-planned detail.
Jodi Wellman, Bally Total Fitness

I continue to be amazed at the relationships built at SIBEC....both on supplier and buyer side.  This venue allows one to focus on new/improved products for our industry. It's like being able to see into the future.
Sharon Sporman, Franciscan Omni Health & Fitness

It's great having face to face meetings with suppliers and spending quality time learning about their product.  As owners/managers, we have so much going on that it's hard to focus on presentation and products.  It's nice scheduling two days where you can concentrate on products you never would have seen otherwise.
Shawn Stewart, Gainesville Health & Fitness

I enjoy attending the SIBEC events because if offers me the opportunity to have quality time with the vendors as well as my peers.  I find that I get more out of this event than any of the large conferences.
Jeff Skeen, Titan Fitness dba Fitness Connection

This was my first SIBEC event and I hope it wasn't my last.  Not only did it provide opportunities to interact with the top vendors in our industry at length, it was done in a first-class manner.  I give my highest recommendation to anyone that has the opportunity to attend in the future.
Travis Wood, Sky Fitness & Wellbeing